Providing quality community based services to help build strong relationships for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Building Strong Community Relationships!​​

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Collective Visions, LLC

At Collective Visions Community Program, we create an environment where people with disabilities can grow both personally and professionally. The program provides community based services and helps individuals achieve community integration, personal development and self-advocacy. Individuals can explore interests through community projects, classes, activities and volunteer participation. The program assists individuals with developing natural community supports and building strong healthy relationships while delivering innovative life enriching opportunities and providing quality support for their families.

The program is unique in that 100% of our program takes place in the community. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with businesses, universities and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our numerous committed community partners have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience involved within the program. This list includes partnerships such as Northern Kentucky University, Millcreek Alliance, Sabercomm Media, Cincinnati Museum Center, Habitat for Humanity, and Cincinnati Parks...

just to name a few. We offer services for individuals on IO, Level 1 and SELF waivers.

Highlighted areas of the program include the following:

Community Integration

Building Healthy Relationships

Volunteerism & Community Projects 
Personal Exploration of Community Interests

Development of Natural Supports

Personal & Professional Development 


Educational Experiences 
Daily Living Skills

Health & Wellness

Sports, Recreation & Leisure 


Social Skills

Arts, Media  & Entertainment 

Nutritional Education & Cooking 

Carpentry Skills 

​Interview Skills