Collective Visions Community Program, LLC

Site updated fall of 2020

*** We are proud to have such wonderful  partnerships, relationships and friendships with the listed Greater Cincinnati community organizations, businesses and universities! It's the people & communities that make the difference! 



 ​Current Community Partnerships, Relationships & Friendships Include:  

People Working Together to Help Build Strong Communities…

Providing quality community based services to help build strong relationships for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Community Programming 

​​​Collective Visions Community Program provides community based services including volunteerism, community projects, health & wellness, educational experiences and recreational activities. We help individuals achieve community inclusion, personal development and self-advocacy. Individuals will be able to explore interests through community activities and volunteer participation. The program delivers innovative life enriching opportunities to individuals and provides quality support for their families. The Collective Visions Community Program is unique from other programs in that the entirety of our program takes place in the community. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with other businesses and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area. We have numerous committed community partners with a variety of backgrounds and experience involved with the program. 

Volunteerism? Projects? Ideas? Interested in a community partnership or project collaboration w/ Collective Visions?

How can we help the community? If you have any questions or concerns please call 513.305.3055.